Saturday, September 19, 2009


While the weather is still warm this fall, why not do something crazy like hop a bus to New York City where you and the family can catch a Broadway matinee, soak up the city sights, and relax post-show at one of the wonderful sidewalk cafes overlooking Rockefeller Center. With the New York City Explorer Pass in your pocket, you not only save on admission to many of New York's finest attractions (including 10% off Broadway tickets), you also save up to 20% off of your entire dining bill at a number of the city's fabulous restaurants.  Explorer Passes are also available for other major cities across the United States.  Visit to explore your possibilities. 

Before deciding that buses are not your style or that city life is not for you, check out the American Bus Association's spectacular list of the Top 100 Events in North America in 2009. Many of the events on this popular list are culturally strong with food playing a major part in the festivities. The list is published every year, and 2010 has already hit the press.

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