Thursday, October 29, 2009

PUMPKIN SEEDS: The Truth is Out There (Recipe)

by Janice Decker
There are many basic recipes to make home-roasted pumpkin seeds. They all seem practically the same with minor variations. Problem is, if one recipe says to bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes and an identical recipe says to slow roast at 300 degrees for only 20 minutes, which is right?

I invented a unique recipe that will give you perfect seeds with gorgeous autumnal color. To rinse or not to rinse? Do I boil the seeds first? Do I really need to dry them for 24 hours before baking? Certainly not! This recipe is easy, fun, and the seeds are DELICIOUS.
  • Remove seeds from a fresh pumpkin
  • Immediately remove only larger pieces and filaments of pulp
  • Place seeds in large plastic (gallon size) bag
  • Pour a little corn oil over seeds
  • Massage the bag until all the seeds are coated and the pumpkin residue takes on the quality of beaten egg yolk
  • Make sure all the seeds are coated with this pumpkin “glaze”
  • Line a large 3/4" deep cookie sheet with aluminum foil
  • Spray foil lightly with cooking oil and sprinkle with fine SEA salt
  • Distribute pumpkin seeds evenly (one layer only) on foiled cookie sheet
  • Sprinkle again liberally with SEA salt
  • Bake at 300 for about 15-18 minutes - definitely less than 20
  • Once seeds begin to turn color, use a spatula to shuffle them. You will notice autumn leaf-like coloring and speckles that look like seasoning appear! That’s the magic of this recipe.
  • Set timer and bake for only 2 minutes more
  • Remove from oven
  • Lay seeds out on paper towels
While the seeds appear dry, you will see the oil get absorbed on the paper towels. Let cool. Store in air-tight container. If packaging in paper Halloween bags, line bags with wax paper. This is easy: cut a strip of wax paper a few inches wide (the width of bag), fold in half, slip into the bag using a small spatula, spoon your cooled-off seeds inside, fold and staple! Great treat bag.

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